Selective orthoimage tile processing

It is possible to manually specify custom orthoimage border alpha transparency fades via various text files listing those tiles where a specific operation should be carried out.

This functionality is available for the following tools (wherever the module is called):

1) First run to create a tile grid index with tile name attributes. It is important to use the same scenery name that you will use in the above tools.

2) Select the tiles to add to the exclude, top, bottom, right, left, trcorn, brcorn, blcorn, tlcorn, trcorn_neg, brcorn_neg, blcorn_neg, and tlcorn_neg text file lists. These names are required keywords. You do not need all the text files to be present. You could have just a “bottom.txt” and a “left.txt” and nothing else, for example.

The “_neg” suffix for trcorn_neg, brcorn_neg, blcorn_neg, and tlcorn_neg  indicates that the alpha fade will be reversed on these corner tiles. This allows both inside and outside corner fades.

The exclude list means that these tiles will not be processed.

3) Create .txt text files for the desired operation with one tile name per line:

For example, the contents of “top.txt” could be:



4) Place these text files in the working directory that will be specified in the above tools.

5) Here is the border alpha fade result from the tile selections shown above: