Exports DSF base mesh to Stanford PLY format. PLY file can be viewed in MeshLab or other 3D viewers that support the PLY format.


Original DSF x and y coordinates in decimal degrees of Longitude and Latitude, respectively, are reprojected to UTM meters x and y. This maintains the inherent georeferencing of the DSF mesh vertices while satisfying the requirements for cartesian coordinates in a viewer such as MeshLab.

On opening the PLY output for some DSF degree squares you may see a warning for degenerate faces. This caused by the fact that X-Plane can support some very small triangles beyond the threshold that some viewers support. MeshLab will report the warning and then continue to load the mesh for viewing.


1. Select v10 binary DSF file.

2. Select replacement DEM (GeoTIFF format). DEM does not need to be pre-clipped to DSF one degree square.

3. Select desired DEM resolution. Entry box is pre-filled with resolution of selected replacement DEM. You can use existing resolution or change.

Output DSF with updated raster elevation appears in source DSF file directory. Source DSF is retained unchanged with ‘_orig’ suffix.

dsf to ply

dsf to ply

dsf to ply